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email marketing tips


Last month we were excited to introduce

We are steadily migrating everything to the new name and it's a fun time as e-Tech Solutions, now PepperStation, rolls into its 10th year! Thank you!

If you have not yet visited out our new site, check it out at and let us know what you think!

This month, we'll cover 'what's new' at PepperStation and present some 'good to know' tips to creating an effective email marketing strategy.


what's new


Spirit 3.4

A new version of Spirit has been rolled out for user testing. Several great new features are included in this release.

  • improved product search abilities.
  • 'return to store' button is configurable.
  • shipping and handling can be combined as one item in checkout with customized labeling.
  • checkout screen background colors and fonts can be customized.

Shoot us an email if you are interested in kicking the tires by participating in the beta group.

Recordit 2.0 gets a few enhancements

More enhancements have made their way into Recordit, including, a 'group by' reporting feature and faster exports.

I encourage anyone using a form mailer like with their website to check out Recordit. Using Recordit puts all of your information into a database which you can search, export and have a permanent record of your data. All too often, an email can go missing which could mean you lose out on an important customer contact.

Recordit can also automatically add your visitor's email to a Constant Contact marketing list, making it the perfect companion for Constant Contact users! Learn more.

Lastly, check out our blog

Visit our blog at to view service announcements, learn about product updates and get the latest scoop on

Customer Spotlight
Evolve Showerheads
Evolve eco-friendly showerheads

This month we would like to recognize Evolve for their environmentally conscious products.

Evolve's luxury showerheads, which use patented ShowerStart™ technology conserve time, hot water, energy and money. Pretty cool...

Learn more about Evolve's ShowerStart™ technology or

good to know

In every issue, you'll receive proven ways to make your website, email marketing, and promotion activities more effective. Today, the topic is email marketing...

email marketing tips

“Email sender recognition and relevant content are the keys to successful email marketing; both have a dramatic impact on likeliness to open and convert.”

Make sure recipients know who you are...

  1. Subject line matters.
    “64% of respondents cite the "From" line as the most important factor motivating them to open permission-based email.” Source: DoubleClick. To create an effective subject line try one of these:
    • ask a question - asking a pertinent question is a great way to perk the interest of your readers.
    • tell your reader exactly what you want them to know
    • pique your reader's interest - readers will open your email when they want to know more

  2. Include your Brand in your From Line
    A unknown address in the "from" line is to blame for nearly 30% of unopened emails. Use a "from name" and "address" that includes your name, or the name of your company, product or service to increase sender recognition. Including your familiar name in the "from" line assures the recipient that the email is coming from a reliable and trusted source. Used over time, it builds familiarity and credibility.

  3. Write meaningful content for your readers
    To create an effective newsletter, ask yourself these questions before getting started:
    • Who is my audience?
    • How can you best connect with your audience?
    • What challenges are facing my readers?
    • What action do I want readers to take? (visit my site, register for an event, make a purchase, etc.)
    • How do I want my readers to think or feel after reading my email?

  4. Make growing your email list a priority
    Here are some common opportunities:
    • Office or store visit
    • Sales calls, meetings or account reviews
    • Customer/client service, and support calls
    • Comment cards or feedback forms

  5. Be a good Internet citizen
    It's important to send emails only to folks with whom you have a relationship or have asked to receive emails from you. No one likes Spam, and Spammers fair even worse. Not exactly the best impression to make with customers. Ever wonder what the law defines as Spam? Get the scoop here:

    The CAN-SPAM Act: Requirements for Commercial Emailers

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