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Email Marketing 101


August is here and as everyone winds down from summer break and heads back to school, we've decided to review why email marketing is so powerful and a great way to get your presence and message out to your customers. This is the topic in August's good to know.

We'd love to hear how you are incorporating email marketing into your business plan. Drop us a line and let us know. Feel free to send us your thoughts and requests. We are always interested in what you have to say!


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Free Email Marketing Seminar

"The Power of Email Marketing", our new free seminar is ready to go! Learn how you can use this effective, inexpensive marketing method.

To learn more or if you are interested in attending this seminar, visit our site. We are also available to present "The Power of Email Marketing" seminar to your group or business.

Also check out "Email Marketing 101" below, in our good to know section.

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Here is some good stuff underway in Recordit... Steve says, "coming soon!"

  • the ability to edit records and add notes
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  • categorize records into "lists" to aid in the management of your records
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If you have any questions or feedback on Recordit or its roadmap, we welcome your input. Shoot Steve a message.

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Customer Spotlight
North Scottsdale Family Medical Center
North Scottsdale Family Medical Center

North Scottsdale Family Medical Center believes that you, as the patient, should know your family doctor and those caring for you and your family.

Dr. Brett Swenson is a Family Practice Physician specializing in health and wellness for children and adults of all ages. Dr. Swenson believes that your family and those around you impact your health and wellness and that their health and wellness are also important to you. This is the advantage of Family Medicine.

Dr. Swenson's beautiful Scottsdale practice offers services in the fields of wellness and preventative care, pediatrics, adult medicine and medical aesthetics.

Visit North Scottsdale Family Medical Center's website for more about Family Medicine.

good to know

In every issue, we provide proven ways to make your website, email marketing and promotion activities more effective. In this issue, we offer some great information about email marketing.

Email Marketing 101

By Morella

what is email marketing?

Email marketing is delivering professional email to an interested audience via communications that look like your business which contain interesting, relevant and valuable information.

why should I do email marketing?

1. Almost everyone reads email. 91% of internet users, aged 18 to 64, send or read email and the percentage increases for users 65 and older.

53% of Americans admit being addicted to email! Here are some of AOL Mail's Fourth Annual Email Survey results:

62% of people check work email on the weekends
19% choose vacation spots with access to email
15% check email while attending religious services
50% check email while driving
59% check email from the bathroom (up from 53%, 2007)

2. For the same response, direct mail costs 20 times as much as email marketing. (Forrester Research, Inc.) Direct mail yields $7 for every dollar spent but email marketing returns $42 per dollar spent. While we are not suggesting abandoning your print campaigns, email marketing is a powerful, inexpensive method that can reach a broad audience.

3. It takes 7-10 touches for a sale to occur. Education requires a lot of communication. Email marketing is a cost effective way to differentiate yourself and inform your audience. Part of communication is keeping the word out and staying top of mind, for when your customer is ready. Email marketing is a cost effective and professional way to increase brand awareness.

why not just email from my Outlook program?

Here are several reasons why you can not effectively "mass email" from an email client (Outlook, Mac Mail):

  • email clients are designed for one to one email
  • servers may reject emails with 10 or more recipients
  • your recipient's server decides if you are trustworthy
  • your email list is susceptible to recipient's filters
  • 17% of emails sent never make it anywhere
  • no cohesive branding or design formatting control
  • no way of knowing if email was delivered
  • you have no tracking or reporting of email results and deliverability stats.

why partner with an Email Service Provider?

Professional email marketing via an Email Service Provider (ESP), like Constant Contact for example, provides many benefits:

1. It is affordable
... and a great way to stretch a tight marketing budget. Unlike direct mail, there is virtually no production, materials or postage expense. In addition, there are self-service solutions available that let you eliminate agency creative costs as well.

2. It is effective
... which enables you to proactively communicate with your existing customers and prospects instead of passively waiting for them to return to your web site or storefront. You can easily target your emails by source, interest, or list. Email marketing with a reputable ESP also offers extremely high deliverability (the industry leading ESP's is 97%).

3. Email marketing is immediate
... and has two huge advantages over other marketing vehicles. First, with the self-service tools available, anyone can create and send compelling email newsletters, promotions, announcements in hours. No agency or production time is required to create and send professional communications. Second, email marketing generates an immediate response with a clear call to action: "Click here to take advantage of this offer", or "Learn more about this service", or to "Attend this event". Initial campaign response generally occurs within 48 hours of the time the email campaign is sent.

4. It is measurable
... unlike other marketing vehicles, results from email campaigns are easily measured. Results are reported in terms of "opens", which report how many people saw your offer or newsletters, Click Through Rates (CTRs), which measure how many people actually clicked on the links in your email, and in a many cases, who actually clicked on those links.

5. Email marketing is easy
... and there are web-based email marketing products for small and medium businesses. Most include professional HTML templates, list segmentation and targeting capabilities as well as automatic tracking and reporting. So, you are free to concentrate on your unique message while the rest is done for you.

The Importance of a Permission Based Email List
The key to building an email marketing presence is your contact list. Email Service Providers define contacts as people who have given you permission to send email communications to them. You may have obtained these contacts through your website or paper sign-ups, telephone or any other point of contact with your customer.

ESP's have a high deliverability rate because their client's lists are permissions based, thus reducing the amount of spam reports. Fewer spam reports means higher deliverability. The following lists are not permissions based:

  • Purchased email lists from ANY source
  • Distribution lists - one email address distributed to more than one individual when permission has not directly been given by all individuals.
  • Non-specific or "role" email addresses unless you know the recipient and permission is clear. For example - sales@, info@, webmaster@ addresses.
  • Captured email addresses obtained by surfing the Internet or "scraping" web pages.

TIP! Build your list where you connect!
Include a sign-up link on your site. Many people may not be ready to buy but they will sign up. Add a sign-up link to your email signature and see what happens.

57% of consumers will add their name to your sign-up book. Have a sign-up book with you at trade shows, networking events, training seminars, etc. Be sure to include a sentence about what someone will receive when they provide you with their email address.

"Learn more about my gadget by receiving my monthly newsletter. Sign up here with your name and email address."

More about email marketing, the tool we love to use (you are looking at it!) and a free demo is available at

Interested in attending a FREE email marketing seminar in Tucson? We are currently assembling "The Power of Email Marketing" seminar which includes best practices.

If you would like to attend this free seminar, please click here.

Best wishes everyone! More in September! MO

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