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Recession Proof Your Business


Happy New Years and Best wishes for a prosperous 2009!

Seems like everyone has had to tightened their belt a notch or two last year. 2009 promises to be equally challenging. Many smart decisions are required this year to successfully navigate our businesses to prosperity.

In our first newsletter of the new year, I want to speak a bit on the importance of marketing in a tough economy and how to get the most out of your marketing efforts.

Best wishes everyone! Enjoy!

Use smart marketing to drive results

In tough economic times, many business owners are looking for ways to cut expenses and often question if their marketing budget should get the axe. I say, put the axe down, step away from the chopping block and get to work reconnecting with your customers.

Now is the time to connect with your existing customers and foster the strong relationships that will help you weather the storm. Relationships after all, are your business. Its not your product, service, good looks or charm, its the trust, value, and relationship you have with your customers that define your business.

Keeping a strong interest in marketing during a tough economy will help you:

  • weather the storm
  • gain market share over your competition
  • instill confidence in your customers that you're in it for the long-term
  • be poised to move forward successfully when the economy bounces back.

Did you know that existing customers spend 67% more that new customers do. It also costs 6-7 times more to acquire a new customer than to retain one. Customers are also your referral engine. After 10 purchases, a customer will have referred your business to 7 others.

Marketing is not an event, it is a process. A process of continually communicating with your customers and prospects your unique value proposition. You need to continually educate your customers why doing business with you will benefit them in ways only you can offer.

These type of communications use to include a hefty price tag - branding, designing, printing and mailing all add up to a significant investment.... There is a better way, a smarter way, to build strong and lasting relationships with your customers.

Enter Email Marketing and Internet Marketing. A professional Email Service Provider (ESP) makes it easy to build professional communications that are branded for your company. It has never been easier to build an effective marketing campaign and track the results in real time. Feedback is vital! You can continually improve your message and build on the lessons learned from previous email campaigns. Constant Contact is our choice for an effective ESP built for small business needs and budgets.

We offer two email marketing seminars designed to help you connect, inform and grow your business. We also provide customized consulting for Constant Contact. Let us know how we can help.

worth the read:

Constant Contact is offering on their site a Free guide - "Finding Opportunity in a Down Economy"

The tools of Internet marketing have never been more plentiful, easy to use and down right cheap. Find your voice on the web with a blog, a social site like and on networking sites like

At the end of the day, search engines like fresh content and links. Give them what they want and they will make it rain. There are no short cuts, you need to get out there and start promoting your business.

Search engines seem to have a special place in their hearts for blogs. Blog headlines (titles) are picked up by google often on the day it is written. So, before the day is done, commit to writing a blog entry on a topic that your customers and prospects will find valuable.

We can help you get started with a blog quickly and inexpensively.

Upcoming Seminars

Email Marketing

“Constant Contact 101”

This is our newest Constant Contact specific seminar! Learn how to set up account options, add signup boxes to your website and emails, load a list, build a campaign, brand your email to match websites and logos. You'll also learn how to develop content, determine what is valuable to your customers, get your email opened, and track results.

intended audience: Best for Trial and New Users. Perfect seminar for those who use Constant Contact and would benefit from an in-person demonstration.


Tucson location 5151 E. Broadway Blvd.
Suite 1600
Tucson, AZ 85711

date: 1/14/2009
time: 1pm to 3pm
cost: $39! ($29 for non-profit. Repeat attendance is Free.)

Register today for Constant Contact 101

“Power of Email Marketing”

Discover how communicating with your customers regularly can help you stay connected, and generate increased referrals, repeat sales, and unwavering customer loyalty.

intended audience: Comprehensive Core Knowledge Suitable for All Experience Levels


Tucson location 5151 E. Broadway Blvd.
Suite 1600
Tucson, AZ 85711

date: 1/14/2009
time: 9am to 12pm
cost: $39! ($29 for non-profit. Repeat attendance is Free.)

Register today for Power of Email Marketing

We are also available to present the "Power of Email Marketing" seminar to your group or business. If you have an upcoming event in which you would like us to present, let us know.

See you next month,

Stephen Sayre

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