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Online video is white hot


The numbers are in and the facts are undeniable. Video is hot... white hot. In this installment, I take a look at the statistics of video on the web, how folks are using video and some great tools you should know about.


Online video is white hot

I am always fascinated with statistics that show how people are using the Internet. With each succeeding report, we learn how our society is increasingly plugged into and dependent on the web. We see this in a number of ways. Take for example how we used the web a few years back. Folks would log on once or twice, spending 20 or 30 minutes a day online. It was kind of like a task.... Log onto the Internet, do your thing and then return to the normal programming of your life. Today, it's much different. Now, folks connect with their 'always-on', high speed connection 20 - 50 times a day for a few minutes each. We turn to the Internet for almost everything. You want to know what the weather will be like today... hit the web. Need to pay a bill... hit the web. Want to see what your long lost elementary school friend that you just found on facebook is up to... that's right, you hit the web.

There are a million reasons to plug in every day, and the advent of video on the web has proven to be a real catalyst to our growing 'addiction'.

Today, our society has a ravenous appetite for video, and I think it's a good thing. Video is engaging. It teaches us, entertains us, and brings us closer together. As a personal plus, the popularity of video has also managed to actually push those annoying email forwards to the back seat in favor of checking out the latest viral video. I find videos, even the ones of the cute little kitty playing with the vacuum far more engaging than the 'send this email to 10 of your friends or your life will go up in flames' emails. Seriously, why do people still forward that stuff??! Anyway, stats show a swap for 'old-school' forwards in favor of sharing a link to the latest hot video.

How engrossed have we become with video? Check out these stats:

  • Nearly 80% of U.S. Internet users watched roughly 5 hours of video in December of 2008.
  • The average viewing duration is 3.2 minutes per video.
  • 65% of views were during the business hours of 9 AM and 5 PM.
  • In 2009, video advertising is expected to grow 45%.
  • Currently, one-third of established on-line retailers already offer video as a promotional tool on their web sites.

How are folks using video:

  • News
  • Sports
  • How-to and research
  • Entertainment
  • Social-media

How might you use online video?

  • Provide product related information.
  • Create videos for product placement.
  • Portray products in their real environment.
  • Show real customers giving their honest reactions.
  • Connect with your customer and share your story.

Online video is a great way to share your story and connect with your visitors. So, how do you share your video masterpiece with others on the web? Well, there are several avenues to consider and many media consultants will tell you should utilize as many channels as you can. Lets take a look at a few sites and resources you should add to your video toolbox. - This is hands-down the most popular video destination and has become a searching resource unto it own. It is also the second highest trafficked site globally according to alexa. Placing video on YouTube is typically a good decision because it puts you where your prospects are, creates additional SEO (Search Engine Optimization) opportunities, and takes care of all the heavy lifting needed to format and serve your video(s) on the web. Oh yeah, it's also free.

For more reading on YouTube marketing, here is an article found on titled Guide to Video Marketing on YouTube.

Several other video sharing sites similar to are also available including: yahoo, metacafe, viddler, myspace and facebook. provides a great service that allows you to distribute your video's to multiple sites and provides powerful analytics which allow you to see how your videos are performing across the web. tubemogul also has a free price tier and does all the heavy lifting for you.

S3, a web service from is a great way to stream your videos. S3 puts the power of the Amazon global network to work for you. Costs are reasonable and you will never have to worry about choking the web server at your current hosting provider. Of course, if you host with, you can rest easy. Our services are built on Amazon's web services, including S3.

In Conclusion

Video is becoming an increasingly important component of any online marketing campaign. I hope some of the links provided here help you take advantage of the benefits online video.

If you would like our help with your online video efforts, contact us today.

See you next month,

Stephen Sayre

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